Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy July 4!

We celebrated the 4th of July in Murray this year. We are blessed to live close to Murray Park so we didn't have to drive or find parking. It was awesome! We started the day off by watching the parade. One of our closest family friends son was in the parade as the Chicfila cow. So, it was incentive for us to go, to show our support for this wonderful young man. I didn't know how Elsie was going to think of the parade, but she loved it!
At the parade!

 Later, that day we went swimming which is quickly becoming one of Elsie's favorite activities to do. Ross has taught Elsie how to make motor boat sounds while playing in the water. It is pretty cute. It was also nice to go swimming because the week of the 4th we were in a heat wave. It was pretty much to hot to do anything but eat ice.
Ross, Elsie, and Kim at the pool

Ross, me, and Elsie at the pool

We ended the day with a private firework show put on for Elsie by Ross and Kim. Well, it was more like a couple dozen sparklers and Kim dancing with them while Ross lit them. Elsie loved it! She kept insisting that Ross give her one. Obviously, that didn't happen.
After, the private show we went and sat on a blanket in the park and watched the cities fireworks. Elsie clapped the whole time. She is so much braver then I was as a kid. I was convinced that the fireworks would fall in my hair and burn it, so I never liked them as a kid.
Elsie and I watching the show.

I am so thankful to live in America and to celebrate the freedoms that I enjoy each day! I am thankful for our solider who work around the clock to protect these freedoms.

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Janna said...

Elsie is getting TOO BIG! Tell her to quit growing :) And Joey you look great! Happy 4th!